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An ethno-sociological research of the Finnish-Swedish peasantry outdoor plays, their environment and tradition in light of the sport's
general historical changes and social significance.

As peasantry plays we hereby mean such physical exercise of more or less playful nature, which belongs to a tradition-bound folk environment.
The issues are closest to the functional side of playing in relation
to its social nature.
Games and sports, the freedom and leisure interests are in themselves a task: to develop people and freeing mans natural ability.
Movement and activity is a psycho-physiological necessity.
Playing seems to be a balancing factor in personality.
The excitement and tension in games plays a crucial role.
In this excitement/tension the playing persons ability is tested, his physical strength, his perseverance, his ingenuity, his courage and his spiritual requisites.

Excerpt from:
Folklivsstudier III; Folklig idrott – en etno-sociologisk undersökning av den finlandssvenska allmogens manliga friluftslekar, särskilt under sommarhalvåret, deras miljö och tradition i belysning av idrottens allmänna historiska förändringar och sociala betydelse.
By Maximilian Stejskal, Helsingfors 1954